Who We Are

niXtech Solutions is The Boutique Data Center offering dedicated IT facilities along with cloud based computing with a full array of appliances and services. Located near Copenhagen, Denmark, with secure infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, privately financed, debt free.

Standing out in a crowd for good reasons! niXtech Solutions is "The" Boutique Data Center because we distinguish ourselves by addressing the cloud market (IT broadly) in a unique way with solid products. Many potential users face new questions that they haven't faced before, in a rapidly advancing technological environment. We address our customers and potential customers with professional skills in an outreach fashion to help them sort out what they need, then to connect them to that in an orderly efficient style.

We applaud the industry giants with impressive technical equipment backed by skilled support - but niXtech delivers a similar result with an obsessive drive for perfection - for easier migration because we're more flexible and more responsive; but in a boutique atmosphere. We want our customers to enjoy the migration process (set up) and to be super-satisfied with the operating results.

While major players have their muscle, they stand as beacon targets for hackers and marauders (even governments) seeking to close down / criple ISPs, data centers, etc. Contrary, niXtech, as a nimble boutique located in secure Denmark where privacy and freedom is preciously protected, is comfortable "under the radar." so-to-speak.

Our family of products fits together harmoniously. Our facility is state-of-the-art, solidly financed, located in a bed-rock solid location with security, and reliable infrastructure. You can do it yourself (dedicated equipment or managed instance), or we will adapt products to your demands installed in a virtual facility. If the product isn't available, we'll create it for you.