Large Instance

Large instance is suitable for demanding applications and enterprise websites.

This instance is for some of the most demanding users that wish to host enterprise class application or websites. With this instance you will have a strong partner that will provide your customers with a great online experience and your business with a great application back-end.


The number of virtual CPU cores available to the instance.

2 048Mb

Memory available for running the operating system and user applications. Performance of a system highly depends on enough memory available to the applications.


Disk space available on the machine. The operating system will be using this space as well. This space is usually enough for smaller applications and hosting of websites. Additional storage can be purchased.


Traffic going in and out of niXtech's data center. Internal traffic between machines within the data center is not included.

Price Cores Memory Storage Traffic
Tiny Instance $29.00 1 256Mb 8Gb 10Gb
Small Instance $49.00 1 512Mb 8Gb 100Gb
Medium Instance $89.00 1 1 024Mb 8Gb 250Gb
X-Large Instance $199.00 4 4 096Mb 8Gb 1 000Gb