Virtual Private Server

A Virtual Private Server(VPS), sometimes just called a Virtual Server is a virtual computer hosted in our datacenter. The virtual server runs alongside several other virtual servers on one physical server. This allows for much greater flexibility and control for the customer while reducing costs.
Do you have remote users, or often work from home or on the road? Instead of having a server at your office, a net works virtual server might be the solution for you. It is housed on a physical server in our niXtech data-center with high standards of redundancy and internet speeds.
All data is located on centralized storage for maximum performance, stability and data protection.

Price Cores Memory Storage Data
Tiny Instance $29.00 1 256Mb 8Gb 10Gb
Small Instance $49.00 1 512Mb 8Gb 100Gb
Medium Instance $89.00 1 1 024Mb 8Gb 250Gb
Large Instance $149.00 2 2 048Mb 8Gb 500Gb
X-Large Instance $199.00 4 4 096Mb 8Gb 1 000Gb