We offer different kinds of alerting on niXtech instances and servers hosted in our data center.
Get notification if your server becomes unresponsive or services running on your server is down.

Our professional email hosting service is ideal for businesses or individuals looking for a reliable email solution featuring webmail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. We offer spam & virus protection, archiving and several of other features. Our email hosting service is compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird and other third party email clients as well as most mobile phones.

Managed firewall protects a virtualized instance or a physical server against malicious intrusions.
niXtech Solutions will configure and support firewall configurations.

We provide sophisticated monitoring of both virtual instances and physical hardware placed in the niXtech data center.
Trending and capacity planning graphs as well as other reports display usage to identify necessary infrastructure upgrades before failures occur. Monitor a variety of metrics in real time.

Simplify and sleep well with your data securely backed up. Just copy your files to our remote data center - a minute's task. We provide off-site backup solutions for a wide all operating systems and applications.

Additional static IPs may be purchased for a single instance or machine located in our data center. These are sometimes required for certain appliances. For most websites and simple application types they are not needed.
Static IPs allow for unique identification on the Internet of a specific piece of equipment within the data center.

With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) account you can browse the Internet anonymously and circumvent restrictions often imposed by local network authorities.
It also does content filtering, so viruses and other harmful pages are filtered before reaching the client computer.